Pros & Cons of ShipHero: Analysis of a Popular Warehouse Management Software

What are the pros and cons of ShipHero?
The pros and cons of ShipHero are built around the software’s comprehensive features for warehouse management. ShipHero helps businesses organize their order cycle through its order management module, which also helps streamline the returns process. Although Android support is still in the works, ShipHero can be used on mobile devices for updating inventory in real-time and locating items in warehouses.

Keeping inventory levels updated is one of the most common yet most challenging aspects of warehouse management. To reduce the risk of human error, many businesses have made the transition from spreadsheets to full-fledged warehouse management software. However, business owners still have downsides to consider with these systems.

As such, this article will be listing down the pros and cons of ShipHero. This way, you can make more informed decisions when choosing the right warehouse management system for your business.

pros and cons of ShipHero

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the ecommerce landscape all over the world. Affected by stay-at-home orders and quarantines, consumers have turned to online shopping for essential goods. In the United States, for instance, data collected by Emarsys indicates that ecommerce orders in June have achieved a year-on-year of growth of 123%.

These figures are supported by survey findings that 52% of Americans shopped online more due to the ongoing pandemic. Aside from restaurant delivery, categories seeing high demand from online orders include hygiene products, clothing, and household cleaning products.

Source: Statista COVID-19 Barometer 2020

With triple-digit order growth, however, comes increased pressure on ecommerce businesses to streamline order management, inventory management, and shipping processes. This makes the case for the use of warehouse management systems like ShipHero, which can help businesses get these crucial functions in order and keep up with increased consumer demand.

What is ShipHero?

ShipHero dashboard

ShipHero is a powerful warehouse management software designed to serve as a comprehensive solution for ecommerce businesses and 3PL providers. The software offers various modules that cover essential backend ecommerce processes, including order management, inventory management, and shipping management.

The software provides powerful inventory management capabilities, starting with sales channel monitoring. ShipHero can integrate with today’s leading sales channels to make it easier for teams to keep track of product levels. Features such as daily stock notifications and inventory logs help ensure that stock levels are always accurate. ShipHero also has a mobile app that makes inventory control and item location in warehouses easier for warehouse workers.


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Meanwhile, orders from integrated sales channels are also automatically loaded into ShipHero. Users can choose their preferred warehouse routing settings and customize workflows as needed. The software can also handle returns management, preventing the need for another application just to handle this essential function.

For added convenience, the software offers native integrations with popular shipping carriers and industry-leading ecommerce platforms. Users can also customize the ShipHero platform through its open API framework.

Detailed ShipHero Review

The following are the key features of ShipHero:

  • Inventory management
  • Shipping management
  • Order management
  • Returns management
  • Mobile app
  • Software for 3PLs
  • Warehouse routing
  • Automation rules
  • Custom workflows
  • Unlimited connected carriers
  • Reports and forecasting
  • Purchase order management & receiving
  • One-click integrations
  • API access
  • 7/365 email support

Pros & Cons of ShipHero

1. Robust Inventory Management Features

ShipHero provides many of the features of inventory management software, including tracking, replenishment, and reporting. Users can integrate their preferred sales channels to easily track product levels. You can also easily track available vs on-hand items and manage how each item is allocated to orders. Counting inventory through cycle count is fast and convenient through ShipHero’s mobile app.

The software also makes it easier to manage multiple warehouses through features such as inventory transfers and order routing. Users can set expirations on inventory lots and choose from various options for pre-assembled or assemble-on-the-fly picking. Dynamic slotting features also allow users to manage multiple pick bins and manage bin transfers. Moreover, downloadable templates let users make changes in bulk to inventory and product information.

The software makes replenishment easier as well, through settings for replenishment notifications for each product and default re-order amounts. You can create purchase orders right from the ShipHero platform as well. Low-stock products can be added to purchase orders with the tap of a button. You can scan products to indicate what you’ve received and orders are automatically updated to reflect stock. All these features ensure more efficient inventory control for ecommerce businesses.

ShipHero late orders

The ShipHero dashboard provides an overview of late orders and orders ready to be shipped.

2. Organized, More Efficient Shipping

ShipHero integrates with a number of leading shipping carriers such as USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Through these integrations, business owners can streamline the shipping process, from generating labels to getting shipping quotes. Through the software’s multi-carrier logic, you can easily find the most affordable shipping method across carriers. This is especially important as supply chain statistics indicate that costs for shipping and logistics are on the rise, with shipping costs increasing to $21.7 billion in 2017.

The software also lets you record each item as it’s packed, so you can track multi-box shipments without hassle. Teams can use mobile devices and scanners to follow optimized pick routes and confirm each item as they go, greatly improving productivity and accuracy. Likewise, packers can scan barcodes on products for easy confirmation of each item and order shipped from your warehouses.

Additionally, ShipHero automatically generates various documents to make shipping more efficient, including manifests, customs forms, and documentation. Tracking information is also automatically sent to customers.

3. Simplified Order Management

ShipHero streamlines your order management process, starting with the sales channels your ecommerce business uses. Orders are uploaded to the ShipHero platform as these are created by consumers on sales channels, such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and Shopify. This integration capability prevents the need to manually check each sales channel for orders.

The software provides warehouse order routing capabilities as orders are automatically assigned to available warehouses. Automation rules validate each order that comes in, so invalid addresses or potentially fraudulent orders are put on hold or flagged for inspection. Based on assigned shipping methods, the platform automatically figures out the required ship date for each order, so you won’t have to worry about being late on order shipment. Moreover, pick-and-pack teams see only orders that are ready to ship, resulting in fewer mistakes. Through automation rules, you can also add priority to orders or personalize shipments as needed.

Lastly, ShipHero allows you to print packing slips and shipping labels just by scanning barcodes. You can also print shipping labels and packing slips in bulk if needed, like with subscription box orders.

ShipHero search filters

ShipHero allows users to view orders using various filters, including fulfillment status and required ship date.

4. Built-In Returns Management

Another advantage of choosing ShipHero is that the platform comes with built-in capabilities for returns management. Through the carriers connected to your ShipHero account, you can configure the shipping options customers can use for returns as well as the associated costs. A self-service returns widget on your website guides your customers through the returns process.

You can manage the returns process during order management as well. ShipHero lets you include pre-printed returns shipping labels to make the process easier for your customers. You can also mark individual products for final sale if these are ineligible for returns.

Additionally, for added convenience, teams can process refunds or handle exchanges right from the ShipHero platform.

5. Comprehensive 3PL Software

ShipHero also offers management software for third-party logistics providers. The platform allows 3PLs to provide their ecommerce customers with their own dashboards, where they can view inventory in real-time, manage orders, and receive stock notifications. Customers will also be able to create and assign users and set permissions at the group level.

Moreover, ShipHero’s 3PL platform allows for the creation of multiple billing profiles for customers, with various labels, such as picking fees, storage, or hourly ad hoc charges. The software even tracks and compiles invoices, so 3PL providers can ensure they’re paid on time. With all these features, ShipHero’s software allows 3PLs to provide a complete warehouse solution.

6. Easy Outsourced D2C Fulfillment

ShipHero also offers fulfillment and shipping services for ecommerce and retail brands. If you want to go with ShipHero for direct-to-consumer fulfillment, all you have to do is connect your store to the platform and send your inventory and shipping plans to ShipHero. The company will handle shipping, returns, and exchanges on your behalf.

With the company’s pay-as-you-go fulfillment services, you pay only for what you ship. ShipHero maintains warehouses around the US, so you can choose a location that allows you to stay closest to your shipping operations.

shiphero purchase orders

ShipHero makes it easy for users to manage and view pending purchase orders.

7. One-Click Integrations and Open API

ShipHero offers numerous direct integrations to connect shipping carriers and ecommerce platforms and ShipHero with one click. This ensures the seamless flow of data between these systems, reducing the problems caused by human error.

If you want to further customize the ShipHero platform, you can do so through coding and ShipHero’s open API. Through the platform’s open API framework, you can modify the platform to fit your business’ workflow and branding.

Moreover, ShipHero works with a network of experts who can provide various services such as marketplace optimization, VAT registration, and EDI integration.

8. Mobile-Optimized and Cloud-Ready

One great advantage of using ShipHero is that the platform has its own mobile app. Though its Android-compatible ShipHero Mobile is still in the works, ShipHero Mobile offers the features of a full warehouse management system.

The ShipHero mobile app makes pick-and-pack processes more efficient, as it provides guided directions through optimized picking routes. Team members can connect their devices to scanners via Bluetooth and scan each item to complete picks. With each picker getting their own individual login, you can also make sure that no two pickers are handling the same orders. The dashboard also indicates items that are ready to be picked and orders that are ready to be shipped, and users can have shipping labels and invoices printed from the app as well.

Another great feature of ShipHero is that the platform is completely cloud-based. This means you can log into your account from any computer and keep track of order fulfillment and consistently monitor stock levels.

ShipHero pick-and-pack

The ShipHero Mobile app makes the pick-and-pack process easier for warehouse teams.

9. Reliable, One-on-One Support and Onboarding

Lastly on our ShipHero pros and cons analysis, some users have reported the dashboard to have some clunky features, but ShipHero offers year-round support to help users resolve technical issues they encounter. Users will also receive one-on-one setup and training so they can seamlessly transition to the ShipHero platform.

A comprehensive knowledge base also provides self-service options for addressing issues in navigating the software and its features. Depending on the pricing plan they choose, users can also get the services of a dedicated account manager for their needs.

Is ShipHero the WMS for you?

ShipHero provides various key features that can help ecommerce businesses keep up with increased consumer demand. For instance, the software offers comprehensive inventory management capabilities, with easy cycle counts, hassle-free replenishment, and convenient purchase order creation. These features will prove to be useful for business owners who have outgrown spreadsheets for updating stock levels and keeping them accurate.

Moreover, ShipHero may prove to be a good choice for 3PL providers who want to expand their customer base and work with more ecommerce businesses. ShipHero’s software for 3PLs is a convenient way to start capitalizing on what experts say is a trend of supply chain managers working more closely with 3PLs.

You can check out our article on supply chain trends for the coming year to prepare yourself for what lies ahead for warehousing and logistics.

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