Why Every Business Needs Paid Social Media Advertising

The advertising industry has experienced a huge shift. And the social media has undergone a sudden change altering the way things used to be. It’s no longer possible to reach a huge audience through organic content, and most of the posts are lost amidst tons of streams thanks to clever algorithms.

With Facebook reaching slightly over 2 billion users, the game gets tougher and to play here you must pay. In the near past, organic posts could easily go viral and reach an overwhelming audience but today a post can struggle to reach several hundreds of people.

While most businesses find it difficult to accept the truth, paid social media can be an effective tool in your marketing campaigns. Maybe this comes from the notion that social media is free. Well, it’s time to embrace the change and move with the tide. In this article, you will find all the reasons to embrace paid social media ads. To enhance your social media presence, you need to invest in a quality social media monitoring software solution. 

It is mobile friendly

Over the last few years, the number of internet users has increased exponentially. And with advancement in technology, mobile devices have seen a positive reception from the population. This has made the number of people accessing the internet through mobile devices to rise exponentially.

As a marketer, there is a pressing need to be right where your audience is if you intend to make worthwhile impressions. From the statistics, most people are spending their online time on their devices and are engaged in social media conversations.

Because the trend is not slowing down, it’s important to have an advertising campaign on your preferred social media platform. The ads and the banners blend well into the platform without making your business look like it’s invading on private space.

Paid social ads are cost effective

If you ask around, you’ll realize the number one reason why businesses keep off advertising is the costs. The aversion can be attributed to the expenses involved with conventional advertising channels. But social media is offering a more effective platform at a fraction of what businesses used to pay.

If your business is running on a tight budget, it would be wise to consider taking realistic loans to finance with “a technology based lending system” for an advertising campaign that will drive sales. Though it is always suggested only to take loan when you are in condition of repaying them back since sometime you might feel taking them urgently and avoid their high interest rates part that may lead to some more debt in future. If you have a solid plan, the amount borrowed can be quickly paid back from the extra revenue generated.

High returns on investment

The main purpose of investing in advertising campaigns is to increase the sales. Social media ads have shown the ability to achieve high ROI within a short time. When the right combination of content marketing and leads generation is used, ROI can rise close to 200%. In addition, progress tracking is easy and automated so that you’ll know how to proceed with the campaign.

With the perfect content for the target audience, you’ll see returns on the invested money within no time. And the best thing is that most of the audience impressed will be long-term followers with a high potential to be life-long customers.

Targeted advertising

A great marketing copy is rendered useless when presented before the unsuitable audience. While organic posts could reach millions of audiences, the author has absolutely no control over who sees the content. It reaches both the right and wrong audience with no discrimination.

A paid social ad will give you an option to decide who will see the content based on several predetermined factors. The convenience to focus the ads on a specific location and demographic groups is a key contributor to increased conversion rates. With a platform like Facebook, it’s possible to install pixels on your websites to retarget visitors on the site. When done in the right way, these people will most likely convert within a short time.  

The audience reach is amplified

Most social media platforms today are using algorithms constantly. This has caused a sharp decline in the total reach for organic content. Assuming you are proficient in optimizing the content posted, the overall reach will still be very limited.

The only way to make sure the content reaches all your followers and trickles down to their networks is to run a paid ad. With this, you are certain that the selected audience will be sufficiently covered.

With increased online visibility, comes the opportunity of getting more conversions. Also, it gives you a chance to create the desired impression through all the content shared on the social media platforms. When impressions are perfect, the audience will develop an inclination towards your business and when in need, they will see the brand as a good solution.

Once you have a wide reach, it’s easy to get people talking. After all, social media is about staying connected with friends and family through conversations and other content. When your business becomes part of these conversations, the benefits can be huge and long term.

Growth acceleration

If you have noticed, the growth curve for businesses that rely on organic content takes more time. And when the audience is there, monetization becomes a struggle.

While this should not act as a substitute to relationship nurturing paid social ads presents greater opportunities. A single ad can be delivered to several thousand within a short time. With several businesses competing for the same customer, there is need to reach out quick.

In addition, one of the crucial factors in business growth is feedback. When you talk to a wide audience, getting market insights is fast and genuine since you have enough followers to give a valid feedback. The insight will be instrumental in adjusting your products to suit the market needs.

As a business that seeks growth, it’s possible to use topic segmentation on social media campaigns. This identifies the types of content that create the highest impressions. Then you can use a combination of the most impressive content to drive sales.

Increased brand awareness

When your target is building a strong brand presence, social media is the best place to start. Considering that most people spend much of their time on social media, it’s worth the effort. One of the biggest contributors to customer loyalty is brand recognition. When your business is constantly appearing on the feed, people tend to associate it with the services or products they offer.

Even when the audience hasn’t clicked on your ad, they have seen it. The more they see it the more they become bent towards the brand. When the time comes and any of the “impressed” audience is in need, your brand is likely to be their first consideration.

When you develop a habit of posting helpful and well-thought content on social media, people will start looking at you as a thought leader. An increased audience reach gives you an option to deliver quality insight to many people who can easily be converted. With a consistent and effective plan, your brand will stand out within a short time.

But always remember your business needs a human touch to stay relevant on social media. For better results in brand image and awareness, keep it social and informative.


Change is a good thing, but if you don’t accept change the tendency to become obsolete is high. While social media is a good platform for ads, it’s prudent to come up with a sound marketing plan. This would include organic content combined with paid ads on the best content about the business. Also, proper targetiang and testing are good practices. To learn more about this topic, read our informative article on how social media marketing can increase leads for B2B enterprises.

Jessica Stewart

By Jessica Stewart

Jessica Stewart is the resident marketing analyst at FinancesOnline and a pioneering member of our research team. She believes that data is at the center of business and marketing technology is its enabler, a point not lost in his articles published in major outlets such as BusinessInsider, USA Today and Entrepreneur. Beyond assessing the standard tools for workflow automation, campaigns, messaging, and real-time alerts, Jessica focuses on the software’s bottom-line ROI— how it helps marketers perfect their data-driven method to collect and process customer data, measure the KPIs, and, ultimately, realize profits.

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