10 Best Field Service Management Software Systems

What is the top field service management software?
The top field service management software is It has all the key features your field team needs, from collaboration to project management, communication, and analytics. With, you are up-to-date wherever your team is, what they’re doing at any point in time, and where they are needed.

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, the need to reduce physical contact has become more important than ever. Virtually all business areas have been affected by this development, including service management. Service workers are among business personnel at risk of contracting the virus as they often do maintenance, installations, and repairs, requiring them to enter customers’ homes at times. Good thing there are service management software solutions that allow these employees to render services from a distance.

Can these tools really help reduce expenses and improve productivity? Or are you paying for some features that you don’t need? Furthermore, it should easily manage orders, do route planning, and access customer data, among other tasks. If you are wondering how to select a suitable app for your needs, we can help you. Thus, in this article, we will provide reviews of the 10 best field service management software solutions and should help you shortlist and zero in on the right system for your company.

best fsm systems

Because the pandemic is not going anytime soon, businesses had no other choice but to adopt service management platforms that now use technologies that facilitate remote work, which include artificial intelligence, drones, payment systems, and videos. These can be achieved by simply using smartphones. All of these have been made possible with the use of field service management software. This is seen to result in the growth of the field service management software market, which is forecast to reach $7.10 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 15.4%

field service management software market 2026

These days, companies have even resorted to maintaining a smaller workforce as part of health measures, saving money in the process. Aside from protecting their workforce, businesses have also been using remote monitoring technologies, working with partners whenever necessary, and stabilizing their supply chains. These and more in an effort to reinforce field service management amidst the pandemic.


monday dashboard is a powerful management tool that centers around collaboration. Your in-office members and your field agents can easily communicate in one centralized hub. By syncing all information in one intuitive place, your members can make timely decisions together. Furthermore, the context-based collaboration system ensures that they will not miss anything, especially when dealing with critical tasks.

The powerful platform is extremely flexible and adapts well to your unique workflow. You can organize projects easily so your team can see priorities right away. Using the main Board, you can connect tasks with the team members for improved accountability. Furthermore, you can set-up automated processes such as alerts and notifications to enhance your field agents’ efficiency. They can quickly see any changes as they happen and adjust their priorities accordingly.

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The software also integrates powerful analytics and reporting. Its powerful visualization makes it easy to understand complex data. This will allow you to see potentially critical issues and even opportunities. These data are connected to relevant projects which keeps everything organized and manageable.

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Why choose

  • Always accessible for your helpdesk and field services agents so they can connect anytime and make decisions together efficiently.
  • Highly customizable and adapts to practically any type of workflow.
  • Contextual reporting and analytics with excellent visualization.

2. Freshdesk Field Service

freshdesk dashboard example

Freshdesk Field Service is one of the best cloud-based omnichannel help desk solutions out there. It has great field support management functionality. Freshdesk helps your team collaborate on all support channels in one single hub. With the platform, helpdesk agents and field technicians will have advanced tools to improve service efficiency. There are automation tools within Freshdesk’s Field Service Management (FSM) module for this.

You can streamline your operations and even introduce gamification to your field personnel. When used properly, this can build teamwork through friendly competition and increase employee motivation. Furthermore, there is a self-service portal to spread out and bolster customer support. You can have them on iOS and Android.



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Moreover, Freshdesk has reporting and analytics to help you get an overview of your whole operation. Thus, it will be easier to manipulate data and generate insights to create policies, actions, and strategies. Furthermore, it has an integrated knowledge base as well as community platforms you can use. You can customize it according to your needs and it even has phone support and live chat built in the system.

It integrates well with many apps including Facebook, LogMeIn, Microsoft Teams, MailChimp, and a host of others. It has a free plan called Sprout and its full-fledged plan Forest is priced at $109 per agent per month. This FSM product works well with the Freshdesk customer support platform.

You can always try out its premium features for free. An appealing test drive of all software features is available to you when you sign up for Freshdesk free trial.

Detailed Freshdesk Review

Why choose Freshdesk?

  • Uses an omnichannel approach for field teams and helpdesk
  • Easily create service tasks, appointments, and schedule
  • Intuitive user interface

3. ProntoForms

prontoforms dashboard example

ProntoForms is a top app in the field service management software category. If you want to try out the capabilities of this platform on your own you can benefit from a free trial plan offered by the vendor.

What are the highlights of ProntoForms? To start, this application automates mobile workflows and enables remote employees to collect data using a mobile device, access company info in the field, and automatically share the results with their team members, cloud services, and back-office apps. Also, companies can use this program to track, analyze, and enhance their processes, and get actionable insights that they can utilize to make smart future decisions. You can use it using Android or an iPhone/iPad.



Try out ProntoForms with their free trial

ProntoForms is an intuitive, scalable, and secure solution that is used by over 3,500 enterprises to mobilize their business processes and take advantage of the low total cost of ownership. ProntoForms is integrated with Google Drive, QuickBooks Online, ZenDesk, and Amazon Cloud among many others.

If you want basic features, you can subscribe to the Essentials plan for $15 per user a month. However, if you wish to make use of advanced functionality such as a full-featured analytics suite, then you should go for the Advanced package for $45 per user monthly. There is an Enterprise plan but it is available on a quotation basis.

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Why choose ProntoForms?

  • Has an offline work mode so you don’t lose information or sales when the internet is down
  • ProntoForms has rich inspections and audit functions for standards and regulations
  • Robust mobile applications to keep field agents connected with HQ

4. Jobber

Jobber dashboard example

Jobber is a web-based field service management solution that helps small businesses drive service quality and efficiency up. The platform is easy to use and is fitted with advanced tools for top-of-the-line service delivery and customer experience. It doesn’t matter what service you provide. Your company might send out plumbers, general contractors, or cleaners. Jobber can help.

Jobber has a client hub for a self-service portal. Inside, customers can check their appointment details, pay, approve quotes, print receipts, and request services anytime. Your team is also allowed to plan work schedules, make job quotations, and create invoices among others. Additionally, you can prepare job routes and deploy individual field personnel or teams right in the software. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what device you use to do it. You can use your computer or mobile device (Android or iOS).

It also has communication tools that provide timely notifications. You can easily converse with your clients as well. Other features include automatic syncing with other apps. Integrations include PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, QuickBooks Online, and Convert among others.

Jobber’s customer support is up 24/7. Also, the Core plan starts $39 per month. The Connect plan $129 per month while the Grow plan will set you back for $249.

Detailed Jobber Review

Why choose Jobber?

  • It has CRM tools included to help you monitor important customers anytime, anywhere
  • Jobber Payments allow you to accept credit card payments on the field or in the office
  • The platform includes an easy expense tracker. You can even take and upload photos of purchases for easy tracking.

5. mHelpDesk

mhelpdesk dashboard example

mHelpDesk is a web-based field service management solution preferred by many companies to connect their field workers to the office. As of the moment, more than 20,000 companies use mHelpDesk. They range from electrical contractors, home repair companies, plumbers and many more. This all-around platform helps firms automate and connect vital service processes under one roof.

You can create invoices and manage service delivery. Additionally, it comes with CRM tools that can help you track leads. Thus, you can funnel prospects into regular paying customers. What’s more is that you can automate different functions such as scheduling, customer contact, and even communications. This saves you time and makes your service processes more accurate.

mHelpDesk helps you manage your workflows easily and track job phases from orders to delivery. Furthermore, it helps you with estimates and has a report function for job costs and profits. Also, you can customize templates and add your own brand. You can even capture digital signatures for approval and take deposits right in the app. Also, all of these can be done via native mobile apps for more convenience.

mHelpDesk integrates seamlessly with PayPal, Square, QuickBooks, and HomeAdvisor among others. The solution is offered via quote-based plans tailor-made to your needs.

Detailed Jobber Review

Why choose mHelpDesk?

  • It has a built-in CRM module to help manage relationships
  • mHelpDesk has native and intuitive apps for iOS and Android
  • The platform features a multi-location inventory tracking capability built-in

6. Wrike

wrike dashboard example

Wrike Field Service Management helps business track fieldwork and connects field personnel with the HQ. The user interface is very simple to understand. Also, you can process bills, analyze data, schedule orders, dispatch people, and execute other processes easily.

This web-based software helps teams collaborate on the cloud. It doesn’t matter if you are on an on-premise unit or your mobile. You can access the platform via its native apps on Android and iOS. This means your field workers will be able to stay connected to the office all the time. Also, as it is fully digital, you don’t get to save up on papers. Moreover, this increases accuracy and decreases the chance of you losing important data.

The platform allows you to streamline your operations and communications. Field agents and office personnel alike get timely notifications about updates. This helps increase productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, it is integrated with Salesforce, Box, OneDrive, RSS, Dropbox, and Google Drive among others. Moreover, there is a free plan for the solution and its Professional plan starts at $9.80 per user per month. Its enterprise is only available via quote.



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Why choose Wrike?

  • Wrike has a robust report builder and visual reporting
  • It has a beautiful and intuitive dashboard
  • The platform features custom status creation and has a built-in time tracker

Detailed Wrike Review

7. Service Fusion

service fusion dashboard example

Service Fusion helps small and mid-sized field service companies optimize their services and increase customer satisfaction. It has many back-office tools that help businesses automate workflows. There are tools for estimates and work orders. Moreover, the platform is very intuitive with a drag and drop control for scheduling and dispatch.

The platform connects field workers, dispatchers, and customers in real-time. Also, you can directly access customer histories and work orders. Users can update their statuses and can even send automate on-the-way messages to clients. Additionally, there are booking tools available. Also, you can even create custom-branded mobile apps to help customers connect with you conveniently.

Service Fusion integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar, QuickBooks (Desktop and Online), and Microsoft Outlook. The Starter plan costs $99 per month and the Pro is priced $349 per month.

Why choose Service Fusion?

  • It includes a module for customer management
  • The platform has a native time tracker and payroll function built-in
  • A customer web portal is available
  • Customer and field worker apps can be made
  • GPS fleet tracking capabilities

8. QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise dashboard example

QuickBooks Enterprise has a robust field service management module with many industry-specific features. There are advanced features designed for unique business needs from specialized industries such as manufacturing, retail, and even non-profit. This module is offered under QuickBooks Enterprise and like its mother program, it is easy to use.

The FSM module connects service people to the office in real-time. It is completely web-based application that is perfect for plumbing, utility, power, electrical repair, and HVAC companies among many others. In these businesses, updates are very important to get in real-time. Thus, QuickBooks Enterprise FSM provides such a feature. Additionally, you can schedule jobs and create invoices in real-time as well. It helps you monitor work, track hours, and manage locations.

What’s more, is that service personnel can issue invoices on the field. Therefore, helping companies receive payment quicker. Also, all financial data and work information are synced on all devices from mobiles to on-premise workstations. It truly is a singular hub to manage everything related to field service.

The platform integrates with other QuickBooks products like QuickBooks Merchant Services and QuickBooks Premier among others. The plans start from $35 per user per month for 1 to 10 users. For 11 to 40 users, the plan costs $31 per user monthly. Lastly, if you have 41 to 101 users, the software is priced at $28 per user per month. Additionally, you can read a more comprehensive review of QuickBooks Enterprise here.

Detailed QuickBooks Enterprise Review

Why choose QuickBooks Enterprise with FSM?

  • If you are already using QuickBooks and like their products, give this a try
  • On-the-spot invoicing
  • Real-time field updates
  • Data sync, time tracking, and QuickBooks integrations

9. Housecall Pro

housecall pro dashboard example

HouseCall Pro can be used by service professionals to run their business on their mobile device and a web portal. This platform is fully integrated with access to the HouseCall consumer booking app. Also, HouseCall Pro offers high-tech features at an affordable cost for small businesses with one to 30 employees. Moreover, it provides more than 30 vertical functionalities for home service needs.

With HouseCall Pro, you can say goodbye to paperwork and go digital to streamline your workflow and operations. Additionally, small businesses can import and transfer their existing client database with ease. Furthermore. the vendor offers affordable pricing packages and service professionals can use the system’s features to carry out tasks such as technician dispatch, invoicing and payment processing, job scheduling, maintaining customer database and more.

The platform has native apps for iOS and Android. Furthermore, it is seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks Online and Google Calendar. The Simple Plan starts out at $49 per month. The full suite costs $249 per month.

Detailed HouseCall Pro Review

Why choose HouseCall Pro?

  • Intuitive interface
  • In-team and customer chat modules
  • Online booking module
  • Time tracking
  • Moderate pricing

10. GeoOp

GeoOp dashboard example

GeoOp is a dependable workforce management solution for businesses. It helps to save time and improve efficiency by enabling companies to enhance their workflow capabilities. Moreover, the app is simple and easy to use and yet offers robust features that help users to easily complete their workforce tasks. Also, the platform integrates smoothly with widely used business programs to enhance the workforce management experience.

What features and benefits mark GeoOp as the best field service management software? Firstly, it offers real-time features for job status and scheduling that allow you to create and update info instantly and share it with your employees. Additionally, the product offers mapping and tracking capabilities that help you to optimize resources by enabling you to track the location of your field service personnel.

Other key functions include automated capabilities for recurring tasks as well as preparation of quotes and invoices within the system. Moreover, the platform offers video and photo features to allow you to share rich media with your team members so that they can understand their tasks better.

The platform has native apps for both iOS and Android. Additionally, the pricing starts at $58.8 per month. Furthermore, the full package is priced at $1,318.8 every month.

Detailed GeoOp Review

Why choose GeoOp?

  • Supports multi-visits and remote access
  • GPS tracking and map integration
  • Includes job status feature with real-time scheduling
  • Creates instant PDF quotes
  • Job sheets are in real-time

What is the future of FSM software? What’s in it for you?

As field service management software statistics show, we expect more adoption in the future. Additionally, AI will play a big part. Many already feel the need to adopt an FSM.

Field service management software is especially true at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic when companies are seeking to protect their employees from the disease. Such platforms are capable of limiting physical contact through the application of AI, contactless payment tech, and drones, among many others. What’s even better is that field service personnel can use all of these from the comfort of their smartphones.

Well, if you work for an FSO, adopting a little later might cause you to lag behind your competition. As FSM tools help optimize communication and coordination, adopters are likely to have a big edge over non-users. So, if you are part of an FSO, be sure to keep tabs on the latest technological developments that can be adopted by you or your competitors. Of course, you don’t want to jump in headfirst without diligent research. Also, when deciding to purchase software, be sure to have a go at several free trials first. You don’t want a bad commitment to an app that just doesn’t fit your organizational goals or, even, culture.

Furthermore, you’re the only one who can know exactly what suits your operation best. That is why you should check out the top products here. If you exercise due diligence in product test runs, you’ll more likely to find the best fit than just going with feel. Of course, we highly recommend what we rank as number one.

Good luck with your software hunting!

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