Best 20 Site Search Solutions for 2022

What is the best site search solution for 2022?

The best site search solution for 2022 is AddSearch. This powerful, all-in-one solution combines search, personalization, and merchandising capability. The enterprise-grade, fully-featured search platform gives users the full control and management features to come up with results fast. It’s fully scalable, so big and small organizations, as well as freelancers, could fully benefit from it.

Customers expect to get the information they want in an instant and in the most convenient way possible. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through the use of site search tools. Having one embedded in your website will allow you to make all of your products easy to search and purchase. Meaning, you can increase the chances of lead conversions and repeat sales.

However, with the number of site search tools currently on the market, how will you know which one will work best for you? To help you out, we have compiled the 20 best site search tools on the market and analyzed them according to their flexibility, configurability, ease of use, and pricing.

Site Search Software

While Google and Baidu dominate consumer search engine market share in the West and China respectively, the business and enterprise search sector presents a somewhat alien landscape where the name Google, though still a substantial one, is only one among site search tools.

The enterprise search industry is expected to reach a USD 8.90 billion value by 2024, fueled by demand from banking and financial services as well as large enterprises. Although that figure is dwarfed by the sheer size of the consumer search market, the market for site search tools is relatively young and expects to grow further up ahead.

A key factor driving the market growth over the next years is big data, especially the increasing demand for solutions offering time-saving data search capabilities. Specifically, the growing need to efficiently supervise large volumes of data in an organization in order to improve operational efficiency is propelling the adoption of enterprise search solutions.

By having these solutions at your disposal, you get access to an enhanced security layer, limiting access to information to authorized personnel. Moreover, it provides you with value-added services and search capabilities that can reinforce a huge chunk of operational practices.

In addition to the aforementioned facts, technological advancements and the emergence of cloud computing are also contributing to this growing demand for hosted enterprise search solutions. The solutions’ added benefits such as the reduction of maintenance and installation costs and the decreasing need for technical support, are also positively reflected in the market growth. The trend is likely to continue in the near future, though the availability of open source free enterprise search solution may pose a challenge to companies operating in the market.


Lastly, site search solutions will allow you to address some of the major problems that online shoppers are facing whenever they look for products on websites and eCommerce sites. As you can see on the table provided, many customers end up with irrelevant product results (28%) or are unable to find the product they need (24%). By utilizing a smart site search software, you can make sure that these problems don’t surface, improve the browsing experience for your customers, and increase conversions.

With these statistics, why wouldn’t you invest in a site search solution? To get you started, we have compared and contrasted the leading providers of this type of software. This way, you can narrow down which products are most capable of catering to your site search requirements.

20 Best Site Search Solutions

1. AddSearch

AddSearch dashboard

AddSearch is a lightning-fast, instant-search solution designed to meet the modern needs of ecommerce, government agencies, schools, other institutions and organizations. Ecommerce companies can greatly benefit from AddSearch’s quick and accurate results, minimizing their need for help desk solutions. Institutions that need to dispense information to a wide audience will enable users to find what they need in a snap.

AddSearch enables users to view results through a search widget, custom view, or the standard results page. Search management tools allow them to rank results by importance, search in multiple languages, search via full mobile mode, control results, and generate search analytics. As a full-featured search tool, AddSearch is easily scalable, capable of handling large volumes of search from thousands of users across the world.



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AddSearch is designed with end users in mind: it is a easy to use as it is powerful. The UI is intuitive, allowing users to find results without investing in steep learning curves. Finally, the search application offers flexible pricing packages intended to meet the unique needs of organizations.

Why choose AddSearch?

  1. Drive more traffic and increase conversions. With its enterprise-level search engine solution, AddSearch invites more users with its strong customization features, smart search, and filters. By allowing users to set their own criteria, including special offers, preference, and stock availability, among others, users can find what they need the moment they type their first letters.
  2. Fully control your search results. AddSearch lets you boost the ranking of specific pages while reducing others, giving you full freedom to have users find what they came for faster. Search suggestions and autocomplete features minimize the time users need to type search queries, while its Widget view, custom view, and standard view gives users all the personalized options they want.
  3. Powerful analytics. At the end of the day, you want to see the effectivity of your campaigns. You want to compare user intent through their most used search queries, keywords that are idle, and low click-through rates, among others.

Detailed AddSearch Review

2. FACT-Finder

factfinder dashboard example

Heading our list of best 20 site search solutions is FACT-Finder, an all-in-one site search software primarily built for e-commerce retailers. The powerful platform combines search, navigation, and merchandising solutions to streamline online search and power sales. The application has one of Europe’s leading, error-tolerant conversion engines, which increases conversion and decreases bounce rates significantly.

Besides, the FACT-Finder personalization module ensures that customers get personalized experiences based on their unique preferences and interests. Also, medium-sized businesses and large enterprises leverage the platforms faceted navigation and powerful recommendation engine to help customers quickly find what they are looking for. Even more, FACT-Finder’s search function uses the patented word match algorithm to deliver accurate results based on customer queries.

What sets FACT-Finder apart from other site search solution is its built-in AI capability. The use of AI technology ensures that FACT-Finder can respond to click, search, and navigation data effectively, thus enhancing the product’s semantic understanding. This way, the solution’s display is enhanced, and the product search is simplified. Moreover, FACT-Finder integrates with the e-commerce tools you use to improve cross-channel strategy, boosting sales in the process. The vendor claims the software boost sales by up to 33%, which quite a good improvement for any e-commerce entrepreneur.

If you want to investigate the features closely you can easily do so when you sign up for FACT-Finder demo.



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Why Choose FACT-Finder?

  1. All-in-one solution. As mentioned earlier, FACT-Finder is an all-in-one solution that provides an impressive blend of search, personalization, and merchandising tools. The tools work in unison to increase sales conversion, deliver personalized customer experience, and accelerate product recommendations.
  2. Better search results. Another reason why you should choose FACT-Finder is its powerful search capability. The software features a powerful recommendation engine and is built to facilitate faceted navigation. Together, these capabilities ensure that for every search, a customer gets the most relevant result. Even better, FACT-Finder’s conversion engine is error-tolerant. This means that even when customers make spelling mistakes, they still get relevant results.
  3. Boost sales. Additionally, if you’re targeting customers in Europe, FACT-Finder can help you increase sales. The solution provides several sales-boosting features like guided selling, predictive basket, and faceted navigation. The predictive basket feature is particularly impressive as it boosts your cross-selling and upselling strategy. The tool forecasts the customers shopping baskets using AI to provide highly relevant product recommendations. This way, it entices customers into buying additional products from your store, thereby increasing your sales volume.

Detailed FACT-Finder Review

3. Algolia

Algolia dashboard example

Another product in our list of best 20 site search solutions is Algolia, a powerful search and discovery API purpose-built for websites and mobile apps. Trusted by eCommerce, media, and SaaS industries, this scalable software solution can build frictionless find-to-conversion paths to accurately link users to results at a rapid pace. With it, you can reduce the complexities of scaling a fast, relevant digital experience and even accelerate development time.

What’s more is Algolia goes beyond providing customers with the search results they need. It also provides predictive and natural interactions so that the visitors of your website can enjoy immersive experiences that will help them discover other helpful content from your site.

Founded in 2012, Algolia is currently has a headquarters located in San Francisco with offices in Paris, London, New York, and Atlanta. They are trusted by more than 5,000 firms such as Under Armour, Twitch, Periscope, Medium and Stripe for site search solutions.

Detailed Algolia Review

Why choose Algolia?

  1. Search beyond the box. Algolia’s full suite APIs enable teams to develop unique search and discovery experiences for their customers across all platforms and devices. Type a query. Click a link. Open an app. Everything your customers do sends a signal about what they want. Algolia decodes that intent to deliver the right content—instantly.
  2. Designed for the developer experience. Algolia is designed to enhance developer experience, giving development teams the building blocks to create a fast, relevant search experience. Extensive documentation and guides, an active community, 24/7 support make it a pleasure to work with Algolia.
  3. Unique experiences to drive engagement. Users are looking to consume engaging content. Algolia empowers teams to surface the freshest and most relevant content, and ultimately drive user satisfaction.

4. Swiftype Site Search

Swiftype Site Search dashboard example
Founded in 2012 by Matt Riley and Quin Hoxie, Swiftype is a venture-backed and headquartered in San Francisco, the heart of Silicon Valley. The platform powers the search for thousands of enterprises, applications, and websites across industries from entertainment and publishing to the government sector and beyond.

In 2017, Swiftype Site Search introduced an AI-powered Enterprise Search platform, an easy, intuitive way for companies to index content across disparate cloud data sources to deliver information that employees need, when and where they need it. Swiftype’s suite of products has revolutionized the way people find information across their organization and on public-facing websites.

Detailed Swiftype Site Search Review

Why choose Swiftype Site Search?

  1. Seriously secure. Security and data privacy is at the core of everything at Swiftype. Its SOC 2 compliance and rigorous information security policies are some of the many safeguards in place to ensure full integrity and monitoring for your company’s most valuable asset: knowledge and data.
  2. World-class support. Get on with your day-to-day work with the peace of mind that Swiftype has your back covered through a team of search specialists who will give you timely and learned response anytime, anywhere.
  3. Ultra developer-friendly. Swiftype’s search implementations could be accessed entirely code-free, thanks to a powerful set of tools made for the non-technical members of your team. For cases that may require full flexibility and programmatic control, Swiftype provides ultimate power and customizability through modern APIs and clients, both for content ingestion, querying, and management.

5. Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch dashboard example
Elasticsearch is a search engine from Elastic, a leading software provider for making structured and unstructured data usable in real time for search, logging, security, and analytics use cases. Elasticsearch is also based on Lucene.

It provides distributed, multitenant-capable, full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents. It is developed alongside a data-collection and log-parsing engine called Logstash, and an analytics and visualization platform called Kibana. The three products are designed for use as an integrated solution, referred to as the “Elastic Stack” (formerly the “ELK stack”).

Detailed Elasticsearch Review

Why choose Elasticsearch?

  1. System runs like a well-oiled machine. Elasticsearch streamlines scaling, securing, upgrading, and backing up across all of your Elastic deployments from a centralized console. It saves time, increases customer satisfaction, provides convenience both ways.
  2. Scale down the road: your bridge to ensure long-term success. Clusters will grow, usage will scale, requirements will evolve. Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) helps you keep pace without sacrificing efficiency, performance, or sanity.
  3. Monitor, secure, alert: extend your elastic stack. Easily deploy security features like authentication, role-based access control, and encryption. Activate alerting to receive notifications, monitoring to optimize performance, reporting to keep others in the loop, and more all with X-Pack.

6. Cludo

Cludo dashboard example
Next on our list is Cludo, a robust site search engine that leverages artificial intelligence to optimize searches. It is built for marketers, business owners, and other professionals looking to have full control over the search results they want to show their customers. Furthermore, it comes with customizable page rankings, manual real-time content updates, cross-site searches, as well as analytics reporting tools to help you further boost your content.

To top it all off, this platform offers an intuitive and easily navigable interface that does not require extensive technical expertise. Meaning, you no longer have to depend on your IT department to make changes to your site search settings.

Detailed Cludo Review

Why choose Cludo?

  1. Advanced Site Search Tools. Be it spell checking, bigram matching, or intelligent autocompletion, Cludo has all the advanced site search tools you need so that your website visitors can get the information they need faster and easier.
  2. Actionable Analytics. Cludo not only simplifies the search experience for your customers. It also keeps tabs on these searches and provides you with in-depth insights through reports. This way, you can make all the data work to your advantage and tweak your site search results settings accordingly.
  3. Item. Content.

7. Amazon CloudSearch

Amazon CloudSearch dashboard example
Amazon CloudSearch is a cloud-based search service component is Amazon Web Services’ solution for companies who want to improve the usability of their website or application. It is a highly scalable application that offers custom indexing options, intelligent text processing solutions, geospatial search features, and autocomplete functionalities. With this, it is easier for your customers to find what they need from your website without having to scour through piles of content. What’s more is that this platform can support 34 languages, making it ideal for companies catering to international clients.

Detailed Amazon CloudSearch Review

Why choose Amazon CloudSearch?

  1. Simple and Easy-to-Use Interface. Users can configure and manage an Amazon CloudSearch domain through the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, and AWS SDKs. All you have to do is point to a sample of your data and the application will provide you with recommendations as to how you can index your domain. You may then add or delete index fields and customize search options such as faceting and highlighting as you go.
  2. Powerful Autoscaling Options. This platform has autoscaling options for all search domains. Every time your query volume changes, the application will adjust your domain’s resources accordingly. For your convenience, you may even control this if you know that you need more capacity for bulk uploads or are expecting a surge in search traffic.
  3. Fully Managed Search Service. One of the strong points of Amazon CloudSearch is that it is a fully managed custom search service. This means, you no longer have to worry about hardware and software provisioning, setup and configuration, data partitioning, node monitoring, or data durability. The vendor will be handling this for you, eliminating the need for external technical assistance.

8. SearchSpring

SearchSpring dashboard example

SearchSpring is an insightful site search platform purpose-built for eCommerce retailers. Equipped with natural language processing, predictive visual autocomplete, and visual merchandising, this tool makes it easy for website visitors to find the products they want from your website quickly and seamlessly. It even comes with search previews so that they don’t have to wait to be redirected to another page before checking if the search result is accurate.
Another thing that makes this platform stand out from its competitors is that it has industry-specific functionalities such as intelligent product recommendations, guided selling options, and shopper scenario mapping tools. It also comes with built-in conversion optimization tools and analytics and reporting features to help you determine ways on how to increase the chances of a sale for each query that is processed in the site search engine.

Detailed Searchspring Review

Why choose SearchSpring?

  1. Robust Search Tools. SearchSpring has an intuitive system that uses natural language processing and other tools so that customers can get fast and accurate results to their queries.
  2. Customizable Sorting Options. Other than helping your customers find specific products, it also allows you to set up a sorting system for your products. With this, shoppers can browse your site depending on different criteria such as price, size, product category, and more.
  3. Powerful Analytics. SearchSpring allows you to gain insights into your customers’ browsing behavior by tracking the sources of queries as well as keeping tabs on most searched products. By having this data at your fingertips, it is easier to find out which items you should feature more on the site as well as determine how to improve your marketing campaigns.

9. Azure Search

Azure Search dashboard example

Azure Search is a search-as-a-service cloud solution that leverages artificial intelligence to optimize the searchability of the content within your website or application. With it, you can quickly index your data and set up queries as well as ensure operational efficiency even in case of high traffic. Its functionality is exposed through REST API or .NET SDK that masks the complexity of information retrieval. In addition to APIs, the application also provides administration and content management support, with tools for prototyping and querying your indexes. Furthermore, because the service runs in the cloud, infrastructure and availability are managed by Microsoft.

Detailed Azure Search Review

Why choose Azure Search?

  1. AI-Powered Cognitive Search. Azure Search has a cognitive search feature that can extract insights and structured information from your documents. This also helps you also create pipelines that use cognitive skills to enrich and bring structure to your data before it gets indexed. Just select from a variety of pre-built cognitive skills and extend its power by creating your own custom skills, and you’re good to go.
  2. Reduced Indexing Complexity. With Azure Search, you don’t have to set up and manage your own search index. The fully-managed service helps you avoid dealing with index corruption, service availability, scaling, and service updates even with fluctuations in traffic and data volume. You can even create multiple indexes with no incremental cost per index.
  3. Easy Set-Up. Azure Search boosts your development speed thanks to its integration support for familiar tools and the consistent global Microsoft cloud platform. Moreover, it quickly provisions searches and starts populating the index to get up and running quickly. Like other Azure services, Azure Search uses familiar REST API calls and gives you a Microsoft .NET SDK.

10. AddSearch

addsearch dashboard

A visual site search platform, AddSearch, is ideal for customer support portals, official websites, blogs, and eCommerce sites. This application offers smart search solutions that aim to improve the browsing experience of your website visitors. It also gives site managers complete control over the search process by giving them a highly customizable filtering and result generation system. The platform offers an advanced UI that lets it detect the device each website visitor is using so that it modifies the layout of your site accordingly. Moreover, it offers a multi-domain search capability, making it a good option for users who are managing different websites for one business.

Detailed AddSearch Review

Why choose AddSearch?

  1. Innovative Search Ranking. This platform not only generates results based on whatever the website visitor types. It has a sophisticated search ranking that takes into account quite a number of factors such as importance, price, stock availability, and search frequency.
  2. Full Control Over Search Results. AddSearch allows users to increase or reduce the importance of certain search results. This is helpful if you want to promote and increase sales for particular products.
  3. Comprehensive Search Statistics. Another feature of AddSearch is that it generates reports based on search data. This way, you get an idea of the location of your customers, their most searched keywords, as well as whether there are queries that are not yielding any results.

11. Inbenta

Inbenta dashboard example

Inbenta is an AI-powered search engine that uses natural language processing to generate intelligent search results. It aims to reduce the number of support requests by serving as the front-line of your operations, giving customers with self-service solutions when they have simple queries. Inbenta also comes equipped with robust analytics tools to help you get a deeper understanding of the search patterns of your customers. Lastly, this platform integrates seamlessly with both web-based and mobile applications such as, Endeca, Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk, and Facebook so that you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Detailed Inbenta Review

Why choose Inbenta?

  1. NLP-Powered.Using natural language processing tools, Inbenta can generate search results not only based on matching keywords. It analyzes search phrases based on synonyms, related topics, and other relevant factors to give customers the most accurate results possible.
  2. Multi-Language Support. Inbenta has complete support for more than 25 languages including Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, and English. This means language barriers won’t hinder it from giving your website visitors the search results they need.
  3. Utilizes Existing Databases. This platform also has the capability to pull information from your FAQ pages, documentation pages, and other knowledge bases, making it easier to assist website visitors who have queries about your products and services.

12. Commvault Enterprise Search and eDiscovery

Comvault dashboard example

Established in 1996, Commvault offers its Enterprise Search and eDiscovery as a solution to help minimize risk and exposure with a single, integrated platform for enterprise search and eDiscovery software for all devices, apps and file types.

Commvault Enterprise Search and eDiscovery offers fine-grained indexing and classification to hold just the data that’s relevant when required to place a legal hold on company information. With the solution, enterprises no longer have to hold everything at potentially high storage costs and with massive inefficiency. Commvault’s highly intelligent and easy-to-use software lets you hold exactly the information required across any system, device or data type—and store it in a single, accessible repository.

Detailed Commvault Enterprise Search and eDiscovery Review

Why choose Commvault Enterprise Search and eDiscovery?

  1. Advanced competitive advantage. Most legal challenges require the involvement of external legal resources. But hiring outside counsel can be very expensive if, as part of their work, they need to sift through an entire data set to find the relevant information. Commvault lets you carry out early case assessments—narrowing down and refining your data sets so you hand over only the information your external legal team needs with full assurance of accuracy, validity and completeness.
  2. Seamless adoption or migration. If you’re already using Commvault for backup, archive and recovery, adding eDiscovery capabilities to your platform is seamless and simple. Even if you haven’t been indexing your data from day one, Commvault Enterprise Search and eDiscovery can go back at any point in time and automatically index all your enterprise data to make you search-ready and eDiscovery-prepared.
  3. Long-term retention and defensible deletion. Many organizations hoard unstructured data for decades. Growing file shares, email, desktops/laptops, even legacy backup tapes all contain many copies of aged data that no longer has business value. Not only is this content taking up valuable and expensive space, but it can also become a liability if not properly managed. Commvault Enterprise Search and eDiscovery can greatly reduce the cost, complexity and risk of storing business or compliance data through the use of content-based retention policies.

13. Coveo

Coveo dashboard example

Coveo is an AI-powered search solution that delivers the most relevant search results to your website visitors, from multiple content sources across your organization—both within your web CMS and beyond.

Founded in 2005, Coveo is known for how its search technologies provide seamless integration with, Sitecore, Google Apps for Work, Atlassian, JIRA, Office 365, YouTube, Lithium, Jive, Dropbox, and more. Its APIs also allow for custom integration with other applications.

Detailed Coveo Review

Why choose Coveo?

  1. Search for information, everywhere. Automatically access all of your content and products no matter where the information might reside, and deliver the most relevant results, regardless of source, to your users.
  2. Enhanced connectivity. A large library of connectors securely indexes each and every content source and application across your enterprise—both on-premise and in the cloud.
  3. Continuous learning and self-tuning technology. Layering machine learning on top of the usage insight means that you can automatically predict which content will be most relevant for different visitors and surface the right information, at the right time, to the right people.

14. Apache Solr

Apache SolR dashboard example

A solution built for scalability, open-source site search platform Apache Solr (pronounced “solar”) offers users advanced full-text search capabilities, allowing them to find wildcards, phrases, grouping, joins across different types of data. It likewise features high volume traffic management, standards-based open interfaces, detailed administration interfaces, real time indexing, extensive plugin architecture and easy monitoring.

Solr runs as a standalone full-text search server. It uses the Lucene Java search library at its core for full-text indexing and search, and has REST-like HTTP/XML and JSON APIs that make it usable from most popular programming languages. Solr’s external configuration allows it to be tailored to many types of application without Java coding, and it has a plugin architecture to support more advanced customization.

Detailed Apache Solr Review

Why choose Apache Solr?

  1. Comprehensive administration interfaces. Solr ships with a built-in, responsive administrative user interface to make it easy to control your Solr instances.
  2. Highly scalable and fault tolerant. Built on the battle-tested Apache Zookeeper, Solr makes it easy to scale up and down. Solr bakes in replication, distribution, rebalancing and fault tolerance out of the box.
  3. Extensible plugin architecture. Solr publishes many well-defined extension points that make it easy to plug in both index and query time plugins. Of course, since it is Apache-licensed open source, you can change any code you want.

15. Hawksearch

HawkSearch dashboard example

An innovative site search engine, Hawksearch is used by content publishers, developers, as well as eCommerce site owners worldwide. It offers a plethora of tools to help you provide customers with guided navigation, generate fast and accurate search results, as well as come up with relevant recommendations to anyone who searches your website. It even has a “did you mean” feature that captures the intent of the website visitor’s query in case of misspelled words and typographical errors. Moreover, this platform goes beyond search solutions. It also comes with tools for dynamic marketing, content spotlighting, and pagination and sorting. Moreover, it offers powerful analytics options to help you understand your search data better.

Detailed Hawksearch Review

Why choose Hawksearch?

  1. Targeted Search Result Generation. Hawksearch has the ability to identify the location of website customers as well as utilize their browser information. With this information alongside the query that each customer inputs, the platform can generate more search results that are more targeted to the interests of the customer.
  2. Powerful Machine Learning. Hawksearch not only helps your customers get information; it also archives data for you. It uses powerful machine learning tools to decipher user behavior. It monitors how they interact with your website, what links they are clicking on, as well as what they search for the most. This way, it is easier for you to optimize your site and search settings for conversion.
  3. Boost and Bury Rules. To help you gain control over search results, Hawksearch has a boost and bury rule tool that lets you toggle the placements of results. With this, you can customize product rankings for certain queries, ensuring that the content you want to promote has a higher chance of ending up on the results page..

16. Prefixbox

Prefixbox dashboard

Established in 2014 from a passion project, Prefixbox was designed with a view to help online sellers make more money by using an efficient search function. To this end, a powerful search engine assumed the task perfectly, plowing through the shoppers’ search queries, analyzing them in order to find meaningful correlations of the words they are using and from these make intelligent decisions.

This capability lets you direct your shoppers to the exact matching products based on their search queries. It is, however, flexible and dynamic enough, allowing you to take control of results and place on top of results specific products that you want to promote. To add more punch, Prefixbox also enables you to place advertisements and banners anywhere on your website.



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Why choose Prefixbox?

  1. Search designed for ecommerce. AI-powered search engine processes and analyzes the shoppers’ search queries. Deep understanding of the meaning of the words used allows it to make intelligent suggestions. The instant product, category, and keyword suggestions are useful in cases where site visitors are using ambiguous or long-tail keywords in their search queries.
  2. Empower your merchandising. A nifty merchandising module allows you to alter the search outcomes, giving you the chance to promote specific products and place them at the top of search results. Not only that: you can also place advertisements and banners outside of the search results for maximum effect.
  3. Powerful analytics. Prefixbox crawls through detailed data about the search experiences and behaviors of shoppers. This allows you to gain insight about the products they are buying, keywords they are using, and product and keyword suggestions they are clicking.

Detailed Prefixbox Review

17. Funnelback

Funnelback dashboard example

Founded in 2000, Funnelback is a leading-edge search and insight engine cited by leading analysts for its visionary insight engine. Funnelback empowers your organization to create better, more personalized user experiences and the strategic insights to drive conversions.

A sophisticated search platform for both site search and enterprise search, Funnelback also offers prebuilt solutions and tools across verticals from finance to higher education. Each edition also includes world-class web governance tools such as an Accessibility Auditor, Content Auditor, and an SEO Auditor out of the box.

Powered by machine learning and advanced algorithms, Funnelback enables your users to surface just the content they need, just in time.

Detailed Funnelback Review

Why choose Funnelback?

  1. Efficient. Funnelback’s Enterprise Search technology is built on a powerful platform capable of indexing an unlimited number of documents, handing query loads, and managing complex query types.
  2. Intelligent. Funnelback’s ranking is based on 70+ factors, with machine learning that automatically tailors the algorithm to your site, surfacing the most relevant content every time. Funnelback’s self-learning capabilities do the heavy lifting for you, giving your employees access to the secure information they need.
  3. Flexible. Out-of-the-box Funnelback Stencils provide pre-built, easily tailored solutions for rapid and cost-effective deployment of search. Commonly used Stencils include social media content ingestion, geo-spatial search (maps), and product promotion.

18. LucidWorks Site Search

LucidWorks dashboard example

Founded in 2007, Lucidworks builds AI-powered search and discovery applications for some of the world’s largest brands.

Fusion, Lucidworks’ advanced development platform, provides the enterprise-grade capabilities needed to design, develop and deploy intelligent search apps at any scale, culminating in Lucidworks Site Search. Reddit, Red Hat, Moody’s, Commvault, and the US Census are just of few of the companies that rely on Lucidworks every day to power their consumer-facing and enterprise search apps. Lucidworks’ investors include Top Tier Capital Partners, Shasta Ventures, Granite Ventures, Silver Lake Waterman, and Walden International.

Detailed LucidWorks Site Search Review

Why choose LucidWorks Site Search?

  1. AI for everyone. The promise of artificial intelligence has broken down at the last mile. AI and machine learning shouldn’t be just for data scientists. Connect insights to people when they need it. Deploy intelligence and give context to every decision for every employee and every customer.
  2. Fusion Server. Advanced Fusion Server allows indexing of trillions of documents from any data source or type, thousands of queries per second from thousands of concurrent users and full text search, SQL capabilities, and powerful analytics.
  3. Fusion AI. Recommenders give every user a customized experience. Gives you machine learning models pre-tuned and ready to use and classifiers for understanding intent for more precision.
  4. Fusion App Studio. Prototype data apps in hours, not weeks, with modular pre-built components for iterative design. This unique technology supports over 25 data platforms.

19. Sajari

Sajari dashboard example

Sajari is a site search platform built to be easily embedded or integrated into any website or application. Using machine-learning algorithms, it can generate rapid search results and provide intelligent recommendations to your end-users. In addition to processing these queries, it can remember and index these searches and provide you with high-value insights using analytics. This makes it easier to personalize search experiences for different customers, find out how to optimize your website, and even determine if there are certain products that your customers are looking for that you have yet to offer.

Detailed Sajari Review

Why choose Sajari?

  1. Intuitive Site Search. This software uses machine learning and AI, so it easily learns from previous searches. It stores all this information so that over time, it can provide smarter and more relevant recommendations for your end-users.
  2. Self-Managed Architecture. Sajari is a low-maintenance, self-managed platform. It doesn’t require complicated deployments and you won’t have to maintain your own servers. This greatly reduces operational costs without compromising the quality of your customers’ search experience.
  3. Robust API. Using Sajari’s robust API, it is easier to set up your rank rules and personalize how to match queries to results. This makes it more convenient to promote certain products according to your preferred criteria.

20. Site Search 360

Site Search 360 dashboard example

Site Search 360 is a custom site search solution designed to help users improve engagement within their websites and applications. It uses smart semantic search and autocompleted suggestions that you can control so that you may boost page views and promote your best content on your own terms. You can also use powerful analytics to get insights on the searches of your website visitors. This way, you can improve the configurations of your search system. What’s more is that this platform has an easy-to-use search designer that will allow you to completely personalize your search box to fit the structure of your website.

Detailed Site Search 360 Review

Why choose Site Search 360?

  1. Advanced Search Tools. Other than AI, Site Search 360 also leverages ontology-powered semantics so that it can cover synonyms and hypernyms. This allows the platform to crawl your website for all related and associated terms.
  2. Multi-Site Indexing. Site Search 360 does not confine itself to providing search solutions for just one domain. It can easily crawl across different sites and then unify the data in one index.
  3. Easy Integration. Configuration is easy with Site Search 360, making it a good option for companies who don’t have dedicated IT teams. To add the platform to your website, all you have to do is add a single line of JavaScript to the existing code of your site, and you’re good to go.

Other Recommended Solutions

  1. InstantSearch+. An integrated ecommerce search tool, helping online stores help customers find the merchandise they’re looking for. Among others, it features product promotion, priority match, fast search and quick ecommerce integration.
  2. X1 Search. It helps you find emails, file attachments, documents, calendar events and more inside a virtual environment or physical desktop. Its notable features include deep email search, cloud repository search, native file preview and post-search actions.
  3. Findberry. An ad-free internal search tool that is easy to install and customize via CSS. It has the standard tools for quick search, third-part integration and indexing.
  4. Sinequa. A powerful internal search engine helps you extract data across your interconnected applications and devices. It features in-depth analytics for well-rounded results, ready-to-go connectors that lets you plug it in in your application ecosystem and speech-to-text optional search feature.
  5. Loop54. Ideal for ecommerce sites featuring machine learning capabilities to capture searchers’ intentions more accurately. A key feature, a product catalog model can learn and expand its knowledge base as more data is fed into the system.
  6. FusionBot. Suitable for online retailers, it is a fully hosted search solution, so setup is a matter of seconds via integration. Among others, it features transparent DNS, mini-portal and search context control, while it can also index PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and RTF files.
  7. Expertrec. Leverages machine learning for personalized search yet it doesn’t require coding skills to set up and utilize. Helpful features include search spellcheck, rules customization, integrated add-to-cart button and search analytics.
  8. SearchBlox. Enterprise search software that utilizes search semantics, sentiment analysis and text analytics. It is useful to gain insights on your customers and employees alike.
  9. Constellio Enterprise Search. An open-source platform for retrieving data across your different applications. The system features big-data architecture, faceted search, connectors and high-level security.
  10. Searchdaimon ES. Another open-source system compatible with multiple virtual appliances and a free version with unlimited users. The system helps you retrieve data from various sources, improve work processes and promote self-help culture in your organization.
  11. EasyAsk. An ecommerce search tool that uses natural language processing for queries and analyses. It helps you to sort products that match the customer’s query and understand customer behavior in your store using the built-in analytics.
  12. SearchStax. Built on Apache Solr cloud infrastructure, it has the scale to match your growing requirements for in-site search. Among others, key features include multi-cloud support, on-demand and scheduled backups, team collaboration and audit logs.
  13. Sooqr. A good addition to your ecommerce platform. It performs intuitive search including a high tolerance for wrong spellings, resulting in accurate search matches.
  14. DataparkSearch Engine. An open-source, web-based and General Public License-covered site search solution, it utilizes multiple dictionaries and search parameters to locate data, files and documents. Search display page can be customized and data can be protected from public search.
  15. Hulbee Enterprise Search. An enterprise search engine for intranet and internet searches of various file formats. The platform has strong security framework with user permissions and role-based controls.
  16. Openindex Site Search. A cloud-hosted solution ideal for business of any size, it can be integrated to apps and websites fast. It features a real-time dashboard for search analytics and a powerful engine that can handle millions of URLs at any given time.
  17. 3RDi. The search engine features robust text mining and data analysis capabilities using natural language programming and semantic algorithm. Ideal for enterprise, the system is built on an open source architecture with a good collaboration space.
  18. Searchify. Ideal for web search integration, the solution features real-time updates, location awareness and faceted search. It can be customized via API and scale to match your search volume increase.
  19. Datafari. An open source system built under an Apache License 2.0, it offers multiple connectors and an extensive data architecture. Among its core features are: semantics, auto-complete, autocorrect, suggestions and categories and facet management.
  20. INDICA eSearch. An enterprise search solution that adopts LDAP, supports multiple languages and ranks search outputs. Easily scalable and flexible with its intuitive interface and desktop/mobile access, the platform uses machine learning, faceted search and text analytics for more accurate results.
  21. Inferlytics. Easily integrated to your ecommerce platform, the solution helps you help customer discover products faster and make more relevant purchases, in turn, you can even push slow-moving inventory. The system features personalization, auto sense navigation, sentiment-based quick traits and search analytics and reporting.
  22. Intergator. A cross-system search, content analytics and knowledge base platform for enterprise, it permits a centralized location of your data while helping users visualize results in a way that is meaningful to their intent. The system uses machine learning and can be built on a social intranet.
  23. SearchUnify. Using an AI-driven search algorithm, the solution is ideal for websites, online communities, self-service help desk and support portals. It can perform deep search across a variety of platforms, an ideal tool for ticket deflection.
  24. Dieselpoint. An enterprise search platform utilizing sophisticated full-text search and data navigation, it features content visualization such as document collection, XML and document database. Key features include faceted navigation, special query, application development and administration and a built-in web server.
  25. Site Search. Designed for business of any size on a turnkey system, it features an easy-to-install app that can handle millions of search queries daily. Among its core features are mobile-first indexing, multilingual support and sitemap support.

The Bottom Line

With all the benefits that site search solutions have to offer, these applications are surely great to have for any company with a website or application. However, it is important to note that all these platforms are not made equal, and that finding the right one spells the difference between success and failure.

Aside from considering the vendor’s reliability, the software’s popularity, and the product’s price point, you should also consider how well it will work with your website. Moreover, you need to determine it will be able to cater to your unique needs.

As you browse for a site search solution, you can use the following questions as a guide in gauging whether your prospective software is what will propel your business forward:

  1. Does it adapt to a website visitor’s search patterns? The best site search solutions are those that not only focus on delivering relevant results but also those that learn from a visitor’s browsing behavior and search queries. You can find this in applications that leverage AI and machine learning. With these features at your disposal, you will be able to not only accelerate the generation of search results but also suggest other links that particular website visitors will actually click.  
  2. Does the software provide you with the level of control you want? For any business, it is normal to want to promote certain products. To do this, you might want a platform that gives you a certain level of control and configurability. This means choosing solutions that will allow you to adjust search result rankings or add promotional items on certain related search pages.
  3. Do you have the ability to maintain it? No matter how advanced a particular site search platform may be, it can malfunction if you are not equipped to deploy and maintain it. In case it requires you to learn computing or hire a dedicated technical support team, we would highly suggest opting for a fully hosted service instead. This way, you no longer have to worry about installation, maintenance, or upgrades.
  4. Will it allow you to pull the search data for other purposes? Site search solutions, once put into action, collect huge pools of data–data which you can leverage to improve other aspects of your business operations. This is why you might want a platform that will allow you to repurpose the data that it has compiled over time. These will help you pinpoint what products your target audience wants, how you can improve their browsing experience, and what you can do to create better marketing campaigns.

With the above factors mentioned, we highly recommend our top solution AddSearch as the site search solution for you. The powerful solution has all the tools you need to deliver the most relevant results for your clients and visitors. It supports any device, so functionality is never lost no matter the gadget preferred by users. If you want to investigate the features closely you can easily do so when you sign up for its free demo.

Shaun Baker

By Shaun Baker

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