Money and Relationship Blues: Coping Tips for Women

Women and Money No. 1While money issues make no distinction between men and women, there are serious financial matters that are unique only to women, and understandably so. The realities of motherhood, divorce, single parenthood, even simply being single can present overwhelming money concerns exclusive to women. Decisions and actions concerning a woman’s relationships and financial affairs can either make or break the rest of her life, or that of her loved ones.

How do women cope with challenging financial issues borne by life’s  relationships? How does one stay resolute  and unyielding especially when she knows she is right in the money tug-of-war?

Here are five useful sites on unique women’s money issues that can prove to be life-saving guides for females who want to take charge of their own money and the situations revolving around it, rather than the other way around.

1. Money! Money! Money!

Single Mothers By Choice

A post that shared one woman’s thoughts and experiences in  pursuit of single motherhood by choice. The variety of realizations shared are enlightening, especially the fact that for most women who want to go this route, money is the biggest factor even if one went to college and have a professional job.  There are good lessons to be learned on how some women went into debts and racked up huge financial obligations, yet still failed in their goal.

An important takeaway is how the economy can curtail the hopes of most women to become mothers because earning money has become harder than ever before, making it impossible to save good, pay back debts and raise a child decently all by one’s self. The shared views, opinions and experiences at the end of the post is a goldmine.

2. Conflicts of Interest: Child Support – The Woman’s Point of View via Single Black Male

The Sexy Single Mommy

Practical, scholarly and candid, this post serves as a lively counter-argument to the topic of child support that appeared in Single Black Men, which presents the views of men on this controversial issue.

Indeed, child support is one delicate and intricate matter where women’s financial opinions and views are concerned , and likewise with men. As such, this post proves to be an eye-opener for men on how different they look at joint responsibility of raising a kid compared to women. Important points discussed include the “fairness” of child support, what it should and should not cover, and the laws (and  flaws) that govern it. It also serves as a basic primer for those who have no experience yet in dealing with child support. Whatever the differences in perspectives, both men and women want the same thing – the best interest of the kid.

3. What You Should Know About Your Partner’s Finances Before You Get Married


A  study by the credit management firm Transunion  reveals that only 1 out of 5  would-be couples talk about their financial situations, while many still don’t want to talk about it after getting hitched. What’s the problem?

This article explains the importance of being on the same page when it comes to important money affairs and having shared money values. The post urges couples to overcome  pre-wedding money talk embarrassments and awkwardness if they want to make the marriage a lasting one. Crucial talk points include debt disclosures, money values, credit scores and  career paths (and therefore financial advancements), among others.

4. Are Prenuptial Agreements A Wise Idea?

Relationship Matters

Another intricate money issue that women (and in a few rare circumstances, men) have to deal with is prenuptial agreements. Wealthy couples from Prince Albert and Princess Grace of Monaco to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have to deal with high-profile prenups, but there are also instances when ordinary couples choose to have one just the same. Although this may cover non-financial aspects like child custody and relinquishing of the woman’s marital rights in the event of a failed marriage, it is the part on wealth and finances that are often the core of a prenuptial agreement.

The article tries to sort out the prenup issue in terms of practicality, psychology, values, and of course, love. It also offers advice on how to approach a prenuptial discussion and presents one good alternative to a prenup agreement that would-be couples may consider.

5. The Survival Guide for Breadwinning Wives

Daily Mail/Female

With unstable economy, lesser job opportunities and stagnant salaries, many women who have better incomes and career trajectories than their husbands are into the bring-home-the-bacon role reversal, earning the family money while the husband takes care of domestic bliss, especially looking after the kids.

The post unmasked the myth of the Alpha Wife as seen in the lives of various couples who opted to have a full-time working wife setup. The article also balances between the successful wife breadwinner and the deep-seated fears that engulf stay-at-home husbands such as self-esteem, role in the family and society, emotional effects and other consequences of this modern arrangement that affect the entire family.

Smart women know that confronting money issues the right way is a valuable step to ensure they lead better lives and enjoy great relationships. Talking about it, sharing the issue with someone, getting help and really doing something about the issue are important. Women who are sensible and courageous enough to do these are steps ahead in enjoying the practical value of money and the even more important value of managing relationships when money matters step in.

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