Money and Motherhood: For Better Or For Worse

womanA good number of women today juggle work and motherhood at the same time. While there are many other things that can motivate moms to work anew (be it at or away from home) such as self-worth, seizing opportunities and being productive, money is a big factor in this tough decision, as mothers would naturally prioritize her young .

How does a woman make money and motherhood work, whether in or outside of a marriage? We have compiled five insightful articles that offer a variety of information and practical values aimed at making this challenge easier for all mothers.

1. Marriage, Motherhood and Money: How do women's life decisions influence their wages?

The Regional Economist

Are women's wages and salary potential affected by their marital status, and much more, by motherhood? While some theories point to employers favoring married men on the basis of marriage-productivity-responsibility-loyalty connections, is it the same for women, or the total opposite? Spoiler alert: the article says no, for quite a good number of data and reasons, particularly the finding that when it comes to women's wages, marital status and having children are just two factors.

There are also things like education, age, experience and job tenure that make the salary scale a more even playing field for women – married, single or mothers. It also gives emphasis on timing – both for marriage and for childbearing, rather than being married and motherhood in general, that may affect a woman's lifetime wage. Given that, the real diamond to be found in this article is in the insightful offers of  straightforward logic on why it can be a woman's world in a good and fair workplace.

2. 7 Things Motherhood Has Taught Me About Money


“If you’re looking for a lesson in personal finance, all you have to do is get pregnant.” This is the kind of tongue-in-cheek shot at money and motherhood that this candid yet sympathetic article by Amy Hatch will impart to all women.

The tips she dishes out do not just appeal to the mind, but to the heart as well, with the validity of her endorsed tips all based on personal experiences and plain common-sense logic of someone who has well received the changes in financial situation brought by motherhood – and is not analyzing or complaining. On the contrary, Hatch seems to even revel on the joys and newfound perspectives in life it gives her. She adds value to her reminders with witty factual truths, like being a mom means just being prepared for anything.

3. Today’s Modern Moms: Finance, Lifestyle and Digital Statistics

The Momiverse

A mommy infographic that lays down in numbers and data some revealing facts about today's moms, briefly guiding the reader to a graphics journey from pregnancy-childbirth statistics, to keeping up with the baby (childcare), to following moms to work (jobs and motherhood statistics), all the way to the lifestyle of the digital mom, or how moms today use digital tools and social media to share their motherhood tales, which is a great  and fast way to gain and help form mothers’ social clubs and support groups that were not possible before.

A good enough space for data evaluations and meanings was allotted at the end of the infographic, simply stating that when it comes to motherhood and money, there can never be too much revealing data and reflective details.

4. Money And Motherhood Inextricably Linked

Forbes Woman

The article makes use of a Citi-sponsored research to show that when child-bearing sets in, women tend to prioritize parenting over earning money, but their roles in financial decision-making becomes bigger.

It also relayed the finding that motherhood makes women less spenders, more savings-savvy, and motivates them to increase their “financial communication” with their husbands. While the post is intended generally for married mothers, there are also a few insights on money and mommy relations that single moms may find useful.

Other parenting surveys related to money and motherhood were also included, giving links to the effect of money stress on children and how recent economic challenges led men to be more active in traditional mother turf, like grocery shopping.

5. The Difficult Financial Reality Facing Single Mothers

Tomorrow's Money for Today's Woman

Probably the point where motherhood and money intersect in a dreary spot is single motherhood. This is especially true for those who are in this position not by choice, but by circumstances. The article lays down the bare facts on the home front of the single moms – most live on paycheck to paycheck, they have the highest rate of poverty across all demographic groups in the US, and often in the sideline when it comes to job choices and earning potential.

The article may prove a short yet strong wake-up call to some people in terms of long-term support like education and job opportunities for the single-mom sector and a stronger, more formal and more accessible network of support to be opened for them, recognizing the fact that after all the challenges and prioritizing child care alone, there is little time left for a single mom to focus on herself and her financial security.

While we do not need any research to prove that becoming a mother changes a woman's life, there is a need to understand why motherhood changes a woman's financial status, for better or for worse, maybe more than what a marriage does. Knowing how money and mommy status are connected and learning the skills to make each a powerful tool to better the other will surely make more women happier moms and better finance stewards.

Astrid Eira

By Astrid Eira

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